Auliya Masjid

 Aulia Masjid

This is the first place where Khwaja Gharib Nawaz stayed and performed namaz and immobilized the raja’s camel.

This was the first place, where Khawaja Baba stayed for few days upon his arrival to Ajmer Sharif, now this place is turned into mosque, called Aulia Masjid.

Built by Khan Bahadur Chaudhri Mohd. Bukhsh of Katihar in 1851 A. D. at the sacred place where Khwaja Saheb offered prayers for the first time.

The place where Khawaja Sahib stayed for a few days, when he came to Ajmer for the first time, has now been turned into a mosque called Aulia Masjid. It is made of white marble. Devotees use it only for recitation of Holy Quran and thanks giving prayers.

Aulia Masjid: Aulia Masjid was built at a short distance from Ahata-e-Chambeli and Masjid Sandal Khana in the east. It was built at the place where Khawaja Sahib had offered prayers.

औलिया मस्जिद

यह मजिस्द अहाता चमेली और मस्जिद सन्दल खाना से कुछ कदम के फासले पर पूरब की तरफ बनी हुई है। यह मस्जिद उस जगह पर बनाई गयी है जहां हुजूर ख्वाजा गरीब नवाज र0अ0 नमाज पढ़ा करते थे।


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