Begami Dalaan

Begami Dalaan

Built in 1646 A. D. on the eastern side of the shrine by princess Jahan Ara.

Overhanging the principal eastern to the Shrine or Mausoleum, there is a handsome porch known as Begami Daalaan which was built in 1643 AD by Princess Jahan Ara Begam, the favorite daughter of Emperor Shah Jahan. The walls and the beautiful marble pillars of the Begami Daalaan were done in colorful gold in 1888 AD. Later on, the ceiling of this Daalaan was also embellished in gold with the money donated by a Muslim merchant of Bombay.

This beautiful portico was used by the Begams or ladies of the Mughal harem during their frequent visits to the shrine. There are two simultaneous entrances to the Shrine through the Begami Daalaan. The doors of both of them are mounted with heavy silverplate carved in ornamental details. The tomb is of white marble inlaid with pieces of precious stones and is daily bestrewed with sandal-paste and Itars (perfumes). It is always covered with very costly ‘Ghilaafs’ (coverings made of velvet and silk) embroidered with pleasing gold and silver tracings.

Begami Dalaan: The main gate of Gumbad Sharif faces the east. A beautiful and grand three side-opened verandah is situated beyond the main gate. It was built by princess Jahan Ara in 1053 Hijra, thus it is called Begami Dalaan.

बेगमी दालान

गुम्बद शरीफ का सदर दरवाजा पूरब की तरफ है। इस दरवाजे के आगे एक बहुत खूबसूरत और आलीशान दालान है जो तीन तरफ खुलता है। यह दालान 1053 हिजरी में शहजादी जहान आरा ने बनवाया था। इसलिए इसको बेगमी दालान कहते हैं।


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