Character Of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti

Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti extremely loved of music and fell unconscious mind in a state of rapture when hearing to it. He usually was seen to be solemn and gloomy, and had the highest admiration and value for his divine manual and teacher. Extremely soaked up, Garib Nawaz retained his eyes closed when lost in consideration, but showed them at prayer time. He obeyed the precepts of the Sacred Prophet in everyday life.

Anxiety of The almighty might cause him to tremble and be sad and the anxiety of the final resting area, the grave, too centered his thoughts. Occasionally Garib Nawaz thought in an enhanced feeling and was then so much consumed and dropped in yoga that he was quite unmindful of what was heading on around him. At other times, he was consumed by a pensive spirits, and then he would probably close the door of his tenement in order to dedicate himself to careful consideration.

Garib Nawaz had a flexible character and showed adore, value, and respect to all, in spite of caste, creed, or faith. He was modern in outlook, and a guy of lucrative disposition, getting pleasure in supporting the poor and the desperate.

Garib Nawaz was famous for his pleasantness and amused the people. Lots of persons of the city, together with no ostensible way of subsistence, depended upon his langar (free distribution of foods). He himself consumed quite little, fasting throughout the year, and used patched clothing. Extremely loving of prayers, he would certainly read the Quran two times in a day. He had taken no rest or respite for seventy long years and was very particular about his ablutions.

Garib Nawaz showed extreme concern for the well-being of his spiritual followers and was greatly cherished by his spiritual guide and instructor Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni who stated of him: “Our Moinuddin is a dearest of God and I really feel very pleased of the reality that he is my disciple.”

He took to renunciation and self-abnegation.

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