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Garib NawaazGarib Nawaaz

Ya Garib Nawaaz

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Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Ali Ajmeri Rehmatullah Alehi was born in 537AH in the Sistan region between Afghanistan and Iran. The village in which he was born is named Sanjar and it exists even today.  He is also famously known as Garib Nawaaz which means benefactor of poor. When his mother Hazrat Bibi Ummulvara was expecting him she felt a drastic change in people around her. There was a prosperity and happiness all around. And even foes turned friends. Khwaja Garib Nawaaz had finished the learning of Quran Shareef at a young age of nine. He was an Imam, Islamic Scholar and a philosopher. He was also responsible for establishing the Chisti order of Sufism in the Indian subcontinent. Various Mughal emperors like Akbar, Jahangir and Shah Jahan were followers of Khwaja Garib Nawaaz.

When he was 14 years old his parents passed away and he decided to spend the time in prayers and meditation. He later denounced the world and started his journey towards Bukhara in the pursuit of wisdom and higher knowledge. He became a disciple of Chisti Saint Usman Harooni and together they reached Mecca and Medina. He then decided to travel to India after having a dream in which Prophet Muhammad blessed him to do so and reached Delhi, where eventually he faced a lot of setbacks and troubles created by the people who opposed his teachings. He finally reached Ajmer, Rajasthan and established his order of Sufism. He believed in the human service and generosity. The highest form of devotion according to him was to help people in distress and misery and ease their pain. In Ajmer he attracted a large following and also established a harmony between Muslims and non-Muslims. Various disciples branched out and many Dargahs were established but Ajmer Shareef Dargah holds the position of being the mother of all Dargahs.  People from all caste and community visit the Dargah and have their just wishes fulfilled.


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