Mehfil khana Dargah Sharif Ajmer

Mehfil Khana

One of the more important places at the Dargah, which was built by Nawab Bashiruddaula of Hyderabad in 1899 A. D. Here Sama’s ceremony is held during the Urs.

This magnificent building for Mehfil and Sama, called Mehfil Khana Grand Auditorium) was built by Nawab Bashir-Ud-Dowla, Sir Asmaan Jahan of Hydrabad Deccan in 1888 A.D. this spacious hall is 46 feet square, with a 14 feet gallery around it. And during first 6 days of Urs Sharif the Mehfil and Sama are held there in which Qawwali starts around 2245 hrs and ends with Fatiha in the early hours of morning.

On the west of the Saham Chiragh stands the magnificent building of Samakhana or Mahfilkhana (auditorium with darbar hall) which was built by Nawab Bashir-ud-Dowla Sir Asmaan Jah of Hyderabad Deccan in 1888-91 A.D. This spacious hall is 46 feet square with a gallery of 14 feet running around it.

It is used for 6 days only during the annual Urs for religious ‘Mahfils’ in which Qawwali is the chief item of programme commencing at 11 P.M. and ending with Fatiha in the early hours of morning at 4 A.M.

Mehfil Khana: The building, positioned in the west of sahan -e-Chiragh was built by Nawab bashiruddaulah on the birth of his son , Nawab Moinuddaulah.The Nawab prayed for a son in Darbar-e-Khawaja .The Almighty blessed him with a son at the age of 80.So he got constructed the building after the birth of his son. Its construction was started in 1306 Hijra and it was completed in 1309 Hijra.It is a aquare shaped building having one of its side of 46ft. During Urs period,”Majlis-e-Sama”are arranged in this building, so it is called Mehfil-Khana (Banquet).

महफिल खाना

यह इमारत सेहन चिराग से पश्चिम की तरफ है। नवाब बशीरूद्दौला ने अपने फरजन्द रशीद नवाब मुईनुद्दौला की पैदाइश की खुशी में बनवाया था। नवाब ने दरबारे ख्वाजा में बेटे के लिए दुआ मांगी थी। अल्लाह तआला ने उन्हें अस्सी साल की उम्र में बेटा अता फरमाया। इसी खुशी और मन्नत की अदायगी में उन्होंने यह इमारत बनवायी। इसकी तामीर का काम 1306 हिजरी में शुरू हुआ और 1309 हिजरी में यह इमारत बनकर तैयार हुई, जिसकी लम्बर 46 फुट और चैड़ाई भी 46 फुट है, यह इमारत चैकोर है। उर्स शरीफ के दिनों में मज्लिस सिमाअ (कव्वाली) का बन्दोबस्त इसी इमारत में रहता है, इसलिये इसको महफिल खाना कहते हैं।


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