Hazrat Khawaja Moeen-ud-Din Hasan Chishti, better known as “Khawaja Gharib Nawaz,” is a shining luminary in the family of Holy Prophet Muhammad. The light of his personality has dispelled darkness, and has illumined thousands of hearts not only in Asia, but throughout the world.

His ancestors were distinguished for their piety, purity, honesty, righteousness, integrity, and for their erudition, knowledge and learning. They were, indeed, the God-inspired men.

Like the ancestors of Holy Prophet Muhammad, who were the beacon-lights of their day, the ancestors of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz were the towering personalities, having unblemished character, faith in God and love for all.

Not only this, but the family had the unique distinction of claiming some lawgivers within it, who enjoyed a position of preeminence. They were not only men of vast scholarship, marvellous self-control and self-surrender, but were unsurpassed in their devotion to God. They were steadfast in prayer and were inspired by love. They had insight into Truth.

It is true to say that Khawaja Gharib Nawaz is a spiritual beneficiary of Holy Prophet Muhammad. On the paternal side, he was closely related to Hazrat Imam Husain, hence he is Husaini, whereas, on the maternal side, he traced his relationship to Hazrat Imam Hasan, hence he is Hasani.

Paternal Relations

His relationship extends in twelve degrees to Hazrat Imam usain son of Hazrat Au. The whole descent is as given below:

Khawaja; Moeen-ud-Din Hasan son of Khawaja Ghiyasild-Din Hasan son of Khawaja Karnal-ud-Din, son of Sayyed Ahmad Hasan son of Hazrat Najm-ud-Din Tahir son of Sayyed !bdu1 Aziz son of Sayyed Ibrahim son of Sayyed Idris son of f[azrat Musa Kazim’ son of Hazrat Imam Jaffar Sadiq son of Irnam Baqar son of Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen son of Hazrat Imam f[usain son ofHazrat Au, son-in-law ofHoly Prophet Muhammad.

Maternal Relations

It extends in ten degrees to, Hazrat Imam Hasan son of lazrat Ali, which is as follows:

Bibi Ummul Wara, better known as Bibi Mah Nur, and entitled as Bibi Khas-ul-Malka, daughter ofSayyed Dawood son of Sayyed Abdullah al-Hambali son ofYaha Zahid son of Sayyed 4ooris son of Sayyed Dawood son of Sayyedna Musa June son f Sayyedna Abdullah Mehaz son of Sayyedna Hasan 1 1 son of. flazrat Imam Hasan son ofHazrat Ali, son-in-law ofHoly Prophet 4uhammad.

Parents and Brothers

Khawaja Ghiyas-ud-Din Hasan is the Father of, Gharib NJawaz, He was, an accomplished -man. He had all the mental and noral qualities. At the time ofhis death, Gharib Nawaz was aged fifteen years. Khawaja Ghiyas-ud-Din died in Baghdad and lies buried there.

The great-grandfather of Gharib Nawaz named Khawaja ayyed Abmad Husain, having been disgusted with the tyrannous regiaie of the Abbaside Caliphs, migrated from Sarman Rai, i.e. amraa or Uskar in Iraq, and finally settled in Sanjar (in Seistan).

Here was born to Khawaja Kamal-ud-Din, the grandfather of Gharib Nawaz, a son, who was destined to be remembered in history as the father ofGharib Nawaz. He was named Ghiyas-udDin Hasan.

Khawaja Ghiyas-ud-Din was brought up under the vigilant care of his father and was well educated and trained. He was not only a great scholar, but was, also, a great Sufi of his time. Amongst the Sufis ofKhorasan, he had an assured position. With piety he combined wealth and splendour.

Bibi Mah Nur alias Ummul Wara is the mother of Gharib Nawaz. She was the daughter of Dawood son of Abdullah alHambali. Gharib Nawaz had two real brothers.

Relationsh4, with Ghaus-ul-Azam

Hazrat Sheikh Mohi-ud-Din Abdul Qadir of jilan, better known as Ghaus-ul-Azam, is the grandson ofHazrat Abdullah alHambali. The mother of Khawaja Sahib-Bibi Mah Nur-is the grand-daughter of Hazrat Abdullah al-Hambali. The fathers of the two are real brothers. Thus, the mother of Gharib Nawaz is cousin of Ghaus Pak. This goes to point out that Ghaus Pak is maternal uncle of Gharib Nawaz.

The two are very closely related to each other. Gharib Nawaz, and Ghaus Pak are maternal consanguine brothers.

Another relationship established between the two is that Gharib Nawaz is a maternal uncle of Ghaus Pak, for the mother of Ghaus Pak is a sister of the mother of Gharib Nawaz on the maternal side, whereas she is sister on the paternal side.

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