The prominent among his contemporaries are the following:

Sheikh Wajih-ud-Din Abu Hafzi Suharwardy

He is the Caliph of Sayyed Muhammad Amooya, He is taken to be one amongst the leading saints. Sheikh Shahab-udDin Umar Saharwardy’ who is his brother-in-law, derived fullest spiritual benefit from him. He died on the 3rd of Ramazan in 566


Sheikh Abdul Khaliq of Ghuzdan

He is the prominent Caliph ofHazrat YusufofHamdan. He was born in Ghuzdan near Bukhara. He is the founder and precursor ofthe practice ofcommemoration. He died in Ghuzdan on the 12th ofRabi-ul-Awwal in 575 A.H.3

Sheikh Muhammad Arf of Deogir

He is the Caliph and Sajjada-Nashin ofl-lazrat Abdul Khaliq of Ghuzdan. He is amongst the leading saints. He had the honour of meeting Hazrat Khawaja Usman Harooni, Hazrat Khawaja Gharih Nawaz and Sheikh Ohad-ud-Din ofKirman in the mosque of Damascus. He died in 650 A H , and lies buried in Deogir (at a distance of about 1 8 miles from Bukhara).

Sheikh Mohi-ud-Din Ibn Arabi

His name is Muhammad bin Au bin Muhammad. lie was born on the 1 7th of Ramazan in 56 1 A.H. at Mersia. He died in 37 A.H. and lies buried in Jabi Kasiyoon near Damascus. He is l great saint and a sage and is also the author ofmany books, thethief amongst them being “Fatuhat-i-Makki” and “Fususul-I-likam.”5

Hazrat Sheikh Farid-ud-Din Attar

He was born in 5 1 3 A H. He is a native of Neshapur. He started his career as a chemist. He remained in the service of I-Iazrat Rukun-ud-Din Kaf and Hazrat Mujadad-.udDin of Baghdad. He received the robe of Caliphate from the latter. vtaulana Rum leaving Balkh reached Neshapur, and met him when still in the prime ofhis youth. He died at the ripe age of 114 years in 628 A.H. and lies buried In Neshapur. He wrote Mantaq tit-Tahir and Chalis as

Hazrat Shams-ud-Din of Tabriz

(known as Shams Tabrizi)

He is amongst the descendants of Keanis. He was, for long, in the company of Sheikh Rukn-ud-Din Sanjari. One day he said to him, “Go to Rum, and burn the burnt, and kindle fire.” Accordingly, he reached Qunia and conferred spiritual blessing on Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi. He breathed his last in 645 A.H. and lies buried in Baghdad. He is not the same Shams Tabriz who lies buried in Multan. The latter hails from Mosvi Syeds. His descendants are in Lahore and are known by the name of Sadaat Shams. Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

He is the son of Maulana Baha-ud-Din wald. He was born in 604 A.H. Upon the death of his father, in 628 A.H., he succeeded him. Subsequently, he lived in the company of his father’s disciple named Hazrat Burhan-ud-Din Tirmizi for nine years. Five years after his father’ s death he came in close contaqt with Hazrat Shams-ud-Din ofTabriz. He breathed his last on the 5th of Jamadi-ul-Akhir in the year 672 A.H.7 He is the author of the famous Masnavi.

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