Last Days And Death

Last Days And Death

His last days were days of well-earned rest, repose anc respite.Now Qutub Sahib was in the company of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz at Ajmer. On the 14th ofJumadi-us-Thani in the year 62’A.H., Khawaja Gharib Nawaz finally bade Qutub Sahib farewell Qutub Sahib has himself described the occasion thus:

When he finished all this teaching, with tears in his eyes he said, ‘0 Darvesh, I have been brought to this place for this very reason, that this is going to be my last resting place. A few days hence, I will be no more in this world.’ Then he asked Hazrat Khawaja Au of Sanjar to prepare the Khilafat-Deed, and when the Fireman was duly prepared, he gave it to me, and made me Khalifa and Sajjada (Spiritual Successor) at Delhi. I bowed low. He asked me to come near him. When I went near him, he put on my head the Dastar (turban) and the cap. He gave me the robe to wear on. And, then, gave me the sacred stick of Hazrat Khawaja Usman. Subsequently he gave me the, Holy Quran, praying carpet and an’

And then said: ‘Know thou that this is a trust of the Ho!) Prophet Muhammad, which has reached the Khawajas of oui Line one after the other. I entrust this to thee. It befits thee thai thou shouldst keep it with thee as I have kept it with me, so thai on the Day of judgment, I may not feel ashamed before thc

I . Qutub-ud-Din Bakhtiar Kaki: Dalil-ul-Arefeen, Ch. XII, pp. 55-56.

Khawajas. ‘ Afterwards he took my hand in his hand and looking Lip towards the sky said: I have entrusted thee to God, and has caused thee to reach the place of Honour and Respect. ‘ I then kissed the ground underneath his feet He prayed and said, ‘Go wherever you may live, live like a perfect man.’ I took leave of hum and reached Delhi and settled there.

Furthermore he writes: “A man came from Ajmer and informed me that twenty days after my departure, His Holiness the Khawaja Sahib breathed his last.”2

Now,Gharib Nawaz was in his last days. He had become c1uite old. He had already appointed Khawaja Qutub Sahib as his spiritual successor. He wanted to sleep, sleep now, and sleep for ever. On Monday the 6th of Rajab 627 A H. (2 1 St May 1229 i\.D,), Ghärib Nawaz, after night prayers, went into his room and closed the door. He did not permit anyone to enter in. All night tong the people outside heard a mystic sound, coming from the room occupied by Gharib Nawaz. At the approach of dawn the sound was, not to be heard. When the door remained closed at the time ofmorning prayers, his devotees thought that there was something unusual. In short, when the door was opened they found him dead and on his forehead were written the words:

 “He was a beloved of God, and he died in the love of God.”

The very night some saints saw in dream the Holy Prophet vluhammad as saying: “Moeen-ud-Din is a friend ofGod, To-day I have come to welcome him.”

Qutub Sahib writes: “The day I came to know of the great event, the very night I felt a little drowsy, while sitting on my praying carpet. I saw that he (Gharib Nawaz) was standing underneath the Throne of God. I put my head upon his feet, and inquired his condition. He replied; ‘God has been merciful enough as to shower His blessings upon me. He has allotted me a place near the angels and thus underneath His Throne. I live here,”3

The funeral prayers were led by his eldest son Khawaja Fakhr-ud-Din. He was buried according to the tradition of the prophets, in the same tenement which he had occupied in his life, arid in which lie had breathed his list. His funeral prayers were largely attended. People belonging to different social grades and of different schools of thought came from all round and participated in the funeral prayers.

His tomb now is visited by myriads of people, coming from every part of the world.

The annual Urs is celebrated with regal splendour every year from the 1st to the 6th of Rajab. On the appearance of the moon of the month of Rajab, great rejoicings are made. Seven guns are fired, declaring that the propitious hour is approaching. On the 6th ofRajab the Qul Sharifis held when the Urs terminates. But in a way it continues up to the 9th ofRajab when the Dargah Sharif is washed by the devotees. The Urs celebrations are attended by hundreds of thousands of people.

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