Special Mission Undertaken

Special Mission Undertaken

Gharib Nawaz visited Delhi a second time during the reign of Iltutmash. It so happened that in the year 291 A.H. (1224 A.D.) a certain farmer came to Gharib Nawaz and submitted thus:

The produce of my land is confiscated by a certain officer. He says that it will not be handed over to me unless I produce an order of the King to the effect. I seek your help. I wish to be relieved ofthe expenses and anxiety. I have no other means of subsistence except the land.

Gharib Nawaz asked him as to what will the officer do thereafter. The farmer replied that the officer concerned will act according to the order of the King.

Gharib Nawaz thereupon said: “In case you are able to get an order of the nature of permanent injunction from the King, I think that will relieve you from anxiety and trouble for ever and ever.”

The farmer requested that ifHis Holiness be kind enough to write a letter of recommendation to Qutub Sahib then he was sure he would be able to secure an order of the nature of permanent injunction from the King.

After a little contemplation, Gharib Nawaz said! “Through my recommendation, it is true, it is easy for thee to secure thy object, but God Almighty has appointed me to secure for thee thy object. Then come with me.”

Immediately after Khawaja Gharib Nawaz left for Delhi along with the farmer. His son Khawaja Fakhr-ud-Din implored Gharib Nawaz to plead also on his behaiffor the free grant of the village named Mandal.

This time, unlike his previous visit, he did not inform Qutub Sahib of his visit to Delhi. On the way, quite accidentally, a certain person happened to meet Gharib Nawaz, who hurriedly went to Qutub Sahib and informed him of his (Gharib Nawaz) coming.

Qutub Sahib was simply taken by surprise. He informed the King who at the head of courtiers, noblemen and the army gave Khawaja Gharib Nawaz a befitting reception.

Qutub Sahib was anxious to know the reason of his so sudden and unexpected a visit. When the visitors had departed and Gharib Nawaz was left alone, Qutub Sahib asked the reason ofhis unexpected and unpremeditated visit. Gharib Nawaz pointing towards the farmer said that he had some work and that he had come for the same.

Qutub Sahib thereupon submitted that he would have been able to secure his object by the mere lip-service of someone amongst his (Gharib Nawaz’s) devotees, who would have pleaded his case to the King, but “Why your Holiness has taken so much trouble in coming over here for this petty work ?“

Thereupon Gharib Nawaz replied: “It may be true but you should know that a Believer is nearer the Mercy of God at a time when he is in disgrace or in poverty. When this farmer came to me I found him sorry and sad. I contemplated a little and prayed for God the All-High and All Pervading ordains that to share one’s sorrow and griefis nothing, but another form of respectful worship of God. So in order to secure the pleasure of God I undertook the journey and reached here.”Qutub Sahib then went to the King and had both the matters decided favourably.

Representation of Sheikh Najm-ud-Din Sughra

621 A H. (1224 A.D.)

During his stay in Delhi, thousands ofpeople came to Gharib Nawaz, but Sheikh Najm-ud-Din Sughra, who had met him in Khorasan, did not care to meet him in Delhi, Gharib Nawaz himself paid a visit to Sheikh Najm-ud-.Din Sughra. He did not extend him a hearty welcome and neither he paid him much attention,

Gharib Nawaz felt this too much, and addressed him thus:

“0 Najm-ud-Din Sughra I what calamity has befallen thee, that thou hast become proud ofthy beiiig Sheikh-ul-Islam, annihilated the old bond of love, and likewise has forsaken the old relations subsisting between us two?”

Hearing these words Sheikh Najm-ud-Din Sughra got ashamed. Putting His head upon the feet of Gharib Nawaz, he tendered his apology and submitted: “I am the same sincere friend of yours as I had ever been before. But Qutub -Sahib has indeed lowered me in, the estimation of the people. Since your disciple Qutub Sahib has come here, be has become the focus of attention, and centre of love of the people of every walk of life. I remain Sheikh-uI-Islam in name only. I am paid no regard now.”

On hearing this, Gharib Nawaz smiled and said: “Be assured,

I will carry this burden of thy heart with me to Ajmer.” Saying

these words, Gharib Nawaz wanted to leave, but Najm-ud-Din

Sughra wanted him to stay and to entertain him but Gharib

Nawaz declined and left. Subsequently he left for Ajmer and as promised took Qutub Sahib with him who had become very popular with the people of Delhi.

The news of his departure spread like wild-fire. People flocked on the Way. Not long after, in the meanwhile Sultan Shams-ud-Djn Al-tamash came to know that Qutub Sahib was leaving. He lost no time in reaching Gharib Nawaz. He implored and requested Gharib Nawaz not to take Qutub Sahib with him to Ajmer. Gharib Nawaz at last was prevailed upon and addressed Qutub Sahib thus: “Baba Qutub! live you here. The people seem to be perturbed at your leaving. I do not want that so many people should be sorry and sad at your departure. I entrust this city to your care.” Gharib Nawaz then proceeded on to Ajmer.

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