Stay In Ajmer

Stay In Ajmer

Having reached Ajmer, be wanted to stay near the present Inderkot, under shady trees, a place where now stands Aulia Mosque. But the servants of Raja Prithvi Raj would not allow him to sit there on the ground that the camels ofRaja Prithvi Raj usually sat there. Khawaja Gharib Nawaz got annoyed, and left the place saying: “If the camels sit there let them sit.” Gharib Nawaz then shifted to Ana Sagar and occupied the place now known as his Chilla.

Apology Tendered

The camels returned to their usual place and sat there as before. Once the camels had sat, they could not get up again. This incident caused confusion and amazement in. the ranks of the servants of Raja Prithvi Raj . The Superintendent in post-haste informed the Raja. According to the directions ofRaja Prithvi Raj all the camel-drivers asked for forgiveness and tendered unconditional apology. Thereupon, Gharib Nawaz, accepting the apology, said: “All right, go. The camels now stand.” When they returned, they actually saw that the camels were standing.

Sadhu Ram and Ajai Pal Enter His Fold

587A H. (1191 A D.)

The two outstanding persons, Sadhu Ram and Aja.i Pal, being impressed by the personality of Khawaja Oharib Nawaz accepted Islam. Sadhu Ram was named Shadi Dev and Ajai Pal was named as Abdullah.

Muhammad Yadgar Sent to Select Spotfor Residence

Gharib Nawaz, accepting the representations made by hi followers, that some suitable place for residence be selected un the city, sent Muhammad Yadgar for the purpose. Muhammad Yadgar selected the spot near Inderkot where now stands his Dargah. Gharib Nawaz shifted there.

A Forecast

Raja Prithvi Raj had one servant who was a devotee of Gharib Nawaz. The Raja got displeased with him and wanted to put him in tight corner. The devotee sought Gharib Nawaz’s help who recommended his case to Raja Prithvi Raj but he took no heed, and instead remarked: “This man (Gharib Nawaz) has come here and he talks ofthings unseen.” When Khawaja Gharib Nawaz heard of it, he said : “ I entrust Prithvi Raj as a captive to the armies of Islam.”

Message of Victory

Being defeated at the hands ofkhandey Roy, Shahab-ud-Din Ghori made a retreat, and reached Khorasan. One night he saw in dream that he was standing near Gharib Nawaz who was

saying to him thus: “It has been ordained by God that thou shall be the King of India. Direct the attention soon and arrest Prithvi Raj and punish him. Shahab-ud-Din woke up from his dream exalted and inspired. He narrated the dream to the learned and the pious of his Court. All were unanimous that the dream was the forecast of the things to come.

Leaving Ajmer

Raja Prithvi Raj sent Gharib Nawaz a message askinghim to leave his domains. Thereupon, Khawaja Gharib Nawaz sent a reply to the effect that “I leave, but Shahab-ud-Din Ghori will be coming soon to turn thee out.” Subsequently, Khawaja Gharib Nawaz, acting on the divine mandate that “Serve God and His Apostle and obey the ruler appointed,” left Ajmer.

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